Lab Services

Lab Services

Our Technology Services

Agritech Genetics offers customized cutting-edge genomic analysis systems and interpretive summaries for the animal and plant industries.  Together with our customers, we design and build affordable DNA variation analysis systems that provide reliable accurate information from which solutions can be derived.  We tailor interpretive summaries in an understandable way for the customer, always seeking new ways to visualize and explain DNA variation.  Agritech Genetics achieves solutions to both simple and complex trait questions using a variety of tools.

  • Genotype-By-Sequencing – parentage, simple and complex traits, genetic defects

  • Next Generation Sequencing – rapid accurate short and long read sequencing, variation accuracy

  • STR/Microsatellite Genotyping – short tandem repeat analysis, parentage

  • Customized Solutions – from panel design to variation analysis and overall interpretative summaries

Plant Genomics

Agritech Genetics offers genetic testing in several different plant spieeces. Custom solutions are availilable. 

Animal Genomics

Agritech Genetics offers custom and personalized genomic tests and interpretations for several animal species.

DNA Banking

We store DNA in multiple safe and secure locations for up to 50 years. Upon request, your animals DNA can be used for genetic analysis, transferred to third party labs, or withdrawn at any time. With Agritech genetics, you are in control.